Framed Artwork: Random and Fun

As with all of my online shopping, I try balance STYLE, PRICE, and QUALITY. And while I can’t speak directly to the quality of each piece (I’m not crazy enough to order them ALL), I only select items that have 4+ stars.

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  1. Thicket Wildflowers  |   2. At the Edge  |   3. Curious Cow  |   4. Setting Sun  |   5. Summer Pond II  |   6. Silver Lining  |   7. Contemporary Bursting  |   8. Wildflower Mist I   |   9. Cloud Formation I  |   10. Ladouceur 4-Piece  |   11. Herbs 4-Piece  |   12. Leaf Instinct

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Here are some online shopping tips to get you started:

  • Make sure that any item you buy has 4+ stars
  • Read the reviews. See how others felt about the quality/colour
  • Measure twice! Nothing worse than ordering something to find it out doesn’t fit!

And remember to hang your art at the right height! Read more: The Right Height to Hang Artwork and Mirrors

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