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E-Design: A Home Theatre / Media Room

Posted on January 28, 2017 by KylieMawdsley

From Studs to Big Screens (sounds like an x-rated movie, doesn’t it)

Featuring Single Room Paint Package with Add-Ons

I love to see a project when it’s complete and NOTHING tickles my fancy more than ‘after’ photos (well, other than Tim, I let him tickle my fancy once in a while).  So when one of my online clients, Cherie, sent me the photos of her completed theatre room I was snortin’ wine out of my nose in excitement!

She was starting from scratch with the space, which means that the only elements I needed to consider were her black leather recliners and personal tastes.

Before…I know, before photos aren’t as exciting when it’s down to the studs – but you’ll survive.

Theatre room before being decorated and designed with paint by Kylie M Interiors

After– BOOM!

Home theatre room remodel with black recliners, Benjamin Moore Lenox Tan, Tyler taupe and Davenport Tan ceiling tiles with movie posters. Kylie M Interiors E-design and color consultation

I’ve done a mix of media rooms, ranging from clients who prefer dark grays and blues, right up to the white range. Cherie was looking for a warm, neutral, but not claustrophobic colour palette that would off-set both the black recliners as well as the awesome movie poster collection.

Home theatre or media room remodel with black recliners, Lenox Tan, Davenport Tan ceiling tiles and Tyler taupe. E-design and Color Consult Kylie M Interiors. Star Wars Movie posters

Check out that textured ceiling tile, a fab way to get some visual interest, warmth and depth, without having to weigh the room down with a super dark colour.

Home theatre, media room with textured acoustic ceiling tiles, Narnia, Ghostbusters and Star Wars movie posters and paint colours. Kylie m INteriors

From the palettes I suggested in her Online Color Consultation, she chose Lenox Tan HC 44 (lightened by 25%) and Tyler Taupe HC 43 for the walls/beams and Davenport Tan HC 76 on the ceiling.  I also suggested a neutral, slightly warm beige carpet to ground the space and keep the contrast from wall to floor low and subtle.

Want to know some of the AWESOME features of this customized theatre room?  Ya, I know you do…

Home theatre room with textured acoustic tile ceiling, movie posters, carpet and stairs. Lenox Tan and Davenport Tan by Kylie M Interiors E-design and Color Consulting online

Notice the double-door entry and the TOP SECRET closet hidden behind the Star Wars poster.  All of the guts n’ glory of the room are hidden behind that door and it’s also an entrance to both Narnia and Wonderland.  The artwork is hinged and the door is a push latch.

Home theatre room screen with black acoustic fabric, beige carpet by Kylie M Interiors E-design Online Color Consulting

What you’re looking at there is a Stewart, 169″ screen – that’s right 169 glorious inches of microperforated screen which lets sound through, which is important as there are 4 speakers BEHIND it.  The screen itself is surrounded by black acoustic fabric.

Online decorating, e-design and color consulting services. E-decor with Kylie M Interiors blog. Color Consultant using Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams paint colours

And get this, the posters are actually printed on special fabric that lets sound through.  They were then stretched onto frames that cover acoustic walls panels and speakers (find out where to get these posters below).

Star wars movie poster stretched over acoustic fabric for a home theatre or media room. Kylie M Interiors

Here’s a little glimpse at the lighting list for this room…

  • 7 different controls to set the mood
  • Stair lighting
  • Rope lighting
  • Poster can lights
  • Ceiling can lights
  • Stage can lights
  • Wall Sconces

And who designed this awesome floorplan?  3D Squared.  They jacked this room right up for light and sound and also provided the printed poster panels.   If you need a theatre room that looks purdy, you talk to me.  If you need a theatre room that is completely pimped-out with regard to sound, lighting and layout – these are home theatre gurus you need to talk to.

Want help with your own theatre or media room? Check out my Online Decorating and Design Packages!

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  1. That looks amazing!!! I love how nice the chairs and movie posters stand out against the wall color. Lenox Tan is a beautiful color as I have found out recently. Great looking room!

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