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Decorating Ideas for TV’s – How to Blend in The Black Hole

Posted on September 27, 2016 by KylieMawdsley


Wall Mount and Standing TV’s – How to Decorate 

TV’s are the ‘black holes’ of interior decorating. I guess ‘black box’ would be a more appropriate term, but you get the idea. So, how do you make something so darn functional (and necessary in many homes) look good?

Here’s how!

Transitional style family room with rustic and industrial. Ledgestone fireplace with reclaimed wood, edison bulbs and decor

Now, these ideas don’t involve fancy-shmancy cabinets operated by remote control, motorized artwork or pivoting walls. THESE ideas are designed to be ‘affordable, easy and applicable to the average homeowner’ – that would be you…

TV Decorating Idea #1

Blend it in

Just think, if you have light walls and a black TV you have a very high-contrast paletteHigh contrast makes things pop, so really, you are ‘defining’ your TV as a thing to be admired in the space – and for some men (but not all) I’m sure this is quite applicable, in fact, there might even be a spotlight on it. HOWEVER, for those of us with design in mind, this is not a good thing.

One of the least expensive ways to camouflage your TV (other than a heavy blanket) is by using a darker paint colour.

Family room with Sherwin Williams Cyberspace, Creamy and Sherwin Williams Cyberspace with tv above, furniture layout and home decor. Kylie M Interior E-design

For many rooms, this comes naturally as TV’s are often placed on feature walls – the walls that are most likely to have an accent colour on them. As shown in the above room, the TV is no longer the feature as its edges are softened by the gorgeous navy backdrop.

Another great way to blend in a TV is to use stone.

You can see how this next TV sticks out like a sore thumb…

Beautiful farmhouse country style living room with Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray and built ins by Kylie M INteriors

Some stone or even shiplap (and a larger fireplace insert) would’ve been a great way to soften the look (but I can only boss my clients around SO much…)

This next photo is a great example of how a proportional fireplace insert and stone can create a dynamic focal point, even WITH a large TV!

Rustic ledgestone fireplace with reclaimed wood surround and TV on top. Hunting inspired decor with gray sectional by Kylie M Interiors E-Design and Virtual Decorating Services, Vancouver Island

It’s not just the colour of the stone that will help to camouflage the TV, but the texture will help also help to distract the eyes. It’s definitely a more expensive idea, but hot damn it looks good!


TV Decorating Idea #2

Frame it in

h wood shiplap that is stained. Tv mounted above. Kylie M Interiors E-design and Online Consulting

This idea is even MORE awesome if your TV is placed so that when you walk into the room you are looking at the side of it and seeing all of the cords barfing out of the back. A lovely frame (rustic or clean-lined) will help to hide all of those nasty cords and soften the hard edges of your TV.


TV Decorating Idea #3

Don’t use an ugly TV cabinet  – use a nice piece of furniture

If you’ve read previous posts by yours truly then you’ll know how much I love fugly TV Cabinets…not. Without getting into graphic detail lets just say that there’s NOTHING I like better (excluding wine) than a TV that is on or in a nice cabinet.

Sherwin Williams Creamy in a living room with stone fireplace, tv and large tv stand and art gallery

Your TV cabinet doesn’t necessarily need to be a ‘traditional TV cabinet’. In fact, some of the best solutions are created using buffets, sideboards, dressers and glorified sofa tables.

Sherwin Williams Network Gray with black armoire and cherry toned red laminate flooring in living room with white trim. Kylie M Interiors E-design and Online consulting - edecor


TV Decorating Idea #4

Don’t Center it

If you have the choice, try not to center your TV. By not centering it, you are showing the world that it’s not the focal point of the room.

However, keep in mind that this rule really only applies when you are dealing with a room that has a fireplace centered in the space (in other words, don’t hang your TV above the fireplace, place it beside the fireplace either in or on a cabinet)

Living room with built in tv cabinet, marble fireplace surround, wainscoting and white sectional. Benjamin Moore Stonington Gra

TV Decorating Idea #5

And now that you have a wicked awesome TV cabinet…decorate around your TV

Whether your TV is hung on the wall or sitting on a cabinet, you can still incorporate it into your design. Here are a few ideas…

1.  Hang black and white prints on the wall space around your TV – gallery style. This will keep things tone-on-tone which will help your TV look like part of the whole plan (and please, if you have framed pieces – always have a mat around the picture, it just look better…says me.)

2.  Hang coloured artwork/photos – The colours of your artwork or photograph can help to distract from the great big Black Hole of your TV.  The brighter the colours the better (watercolour images won’t really cut it…)

3.  If it’s above a mantel, use low-profile decor to add some ‘pretty’ to the space and soften the edges of the TV

Benjamin Moore Lenox Tan, north facing living room. Pine flooring, furniture and fireplace mantel, Tv and fall decor. Kylie M E-design and online paint colour consulting

And yes, there are other ideas involving lots and lots of money. However, if you’re looking at these budget-friendly ideas I’m going to assume that you either a) don’t have lots of money or b) have lots and don’t want to spend it, so these ideas will have to do!


  1. Amen to the fugly TV cabinets! As a side note, is it just me, or are men typically the ones who want to mount the television above the fireplace? In my home, that’s an absolute no-no, but I do like your ideas of working around it if you have to.

    We just purchased a new flat screen and lucky for me I have a buffet stashed in the attic that will be perfect for it (once its painted, that is).

    Is there a general rule for height of mounting televisions? I recall reading somewhere that the middle of the TV should be approx. 70″ from the floor. I measured and that seems somewhat high, from the perspective of a 5’5″ gal.

    1. Hey! TV’s are a tricky one for sure! Some people say that the center of the TV should be at your eye level when you’re sitting down, but considering the heights of people/depth of cushions/height of chairs/size of TV – that’s a little vague for me!

      I’ve usually done approx. 44″ from the bottom of the TV to the floor – that is usually a happy place.

      The best thing to do is to take green painters tape and mask out the size of your TV on the wall and sit down and see if it ‘feels right’ – that’s usually my fall-back method!

      As for your other question, as it’s more in depth I’d LOVE to help, but my decorating business has been crazy busy lately as has my online consulting, so I WILL get to your question, but I have to put it in order with others with giving the Online Consulting priority (once I ‘approve’ it, it will show up and then I can answer it). If you’re patient then I will get there, but if not you can check out my Online Consulting as I’ve tried to make it really affordable for those who have ‘not just straight-forward and quick’ questions.

      Chat soon!


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