How to Apply Chalkboard Paint and Fun Ideas With It!

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I love chalkboard paint!  It is a great solution for problem areas and boring doors, as well as an avenue for creative kids to express themselves (myself included….)

So, where might you use chalkboard paint?

Well,  if you don’t have kids you might be thinking that it’s not the “thing” for you.  HOWEVER, I think every home deserves a little bit of creativity mixed with functionality.

Great places for chalkboard paint…

My entryway before…booooring.
chalkboard paint on a cupboard door for lists and recipes
And now, functional and fantastic!

You can see in my house here that I used it on these little cabinet doors at my entryway.  You could also paint a pantry door (great for grocery lists and quotes).  It used to have these white cupboard doors that were butt-ugly, so I found these ones in the right size with the right hinge style at the Restore for $10!

fridge painted with chalkboard paint
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If you have a butt-ugly fridge you can use chalkboard paint on the side of it (or the front – but I wouldn’t….).  By doing this atleast your ugly fridge will have a personality.

chalkboard paint on the bottom part of a wall so it's reachable for kids
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The end of a cupboard (upper or lower) is a great place for chalkboard paint.  I’d do mine in chalkboard paint but I already have 3 other chalkboard surfaces in my home and I don’t want to appear more OCD than I really am (which I really am….)  If you paint the end of a lower cabinet, it’s an easy spot for kids to hang out and doodle while you cook dinner.  If you do the end of an upper cabinet, it’s a great spot for reminders, appts and grocery lists.

chalkboard wall in playroom from floor to ceiling
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A wall space in your kids bedroom or playroom is also a great spot for chalkboard paint.  I did this in my daughters’ room in our last house and I also put 2 coats of magnetic paint underneath with the hopes of being able to hang her artwork on it as well.  However, the only magnets that stuck to it were really light ones and wouldn’t even hold toilet paper.  I don’t know if I needed to do another coat of the magnetic paint or if it just wasn’t an ideal application with the chalkboard paint over top.

chalkboard paint above a desk to write notes
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Chalkboards are also a great way to keep organized and can fit into any room / space to add function and funk!

AND did you know you can now get Chalkboard Paint in any colour from Benjamin Moore?  Yahoo!

chalkboard paint outside on a large piece of plywood attached to a fence
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Obviously if you live here on the rainy West Coast, this idea might not work well (or only a few months a year…) but it’s still a great idea!

chalkboard paitn on a kids table top for play time
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How cute is this!  The kids could colour, write or even play tic-tac-toe! 
jars labelled with chalkboard paint
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Courtesy of Celebrations at Home 

Chalkboard paint is also great for organizing jars, bins, glasses and spices – you could even use it to paint those ugly metal file cabinets!

framed chalkboard for notes and quotes

Courtesy of Little Pink Shade Tree 

I love chalkboard frames because they are applicable for every season and every reason!  Leave some festive cheer, a note or a quote for a loved one or create your to-do list – this would also be a great homemade gift!

using plywood and hinges you can cover an electrical panel with chalkboard paint

Problem areas can also be covered up with chalkboard paint for a unique and creative look.  Check out this electrical panel.  With a board, some hinges, trimwork and chalkboard paint, an eyesore was changed into a personalized sign for the room!

(Here are More Electrical Panel Ideas)

chalkboard ink pens for chalkboard paint in different colours

And boo-ya!  Check this out, I’m going to HAVE to pick up a pack for myself – Chalkboard Ink Markers

Now there are “temporary” chalkboards that are basically peel and stick for those of you who are nervous about this idea.  To quote the words of the great C.Parcher, I say, “Suck it up sweetcheeks!”  Do the real thing and have some fun with it!  If you don’t like it you can just paint over it again.


  • 1 quart of chalkboard paint  – trust me, a quart goes a loooooong way.
  • Paintbrush and 4″ roller kit.  If you use a foam roller you’ll probably have to do 3 coats, but if you use a roller with nap on it you will only need 2 coats.
  • Primer and sandpaper – I like 150grit which roughs up the old surface without gouging it.  It preps it so that the primer can really sink it’s teeth in.


Step 1 – Sand the surface with sandpaper – don’t break it right down, just give it a good “exfoliation”

Step 2 – 1 coat of primer – let it dry (usually about 2 hrs)

Step 3 –  2-3 coats of chalkboard paint – this stuff has GREAT coverage, so a quart will go a LONG way.  If I were you, I’d split a quart with my girlfriend and we’d each get atleast 2 projects out of it.  Or in my case, my girlfriend bought it and I used it when she was done….sooooo, I guess I owe her $12!

Step 4 – Most important – the chalkboard paint needs to cure for 2-3 days.  Okay, it’s not actually the most important as I’m very impatient and I used mine about 12 hours later and it’s just fine.  But really you should follow the instructions.

Step 5 – On the can it will explain to use a piece of chalk sideways to cover the surface in chalk and then wipe that off with a dry cloth and then your board will be ready to go.  I love the clean look of a wet-wiped board, but I’ve noticed that the chalk leaves a little bit more of an imprint (especially the bright colours) without that fine layer of dust as a foundation.  So once again, follow the instructions – unlike me.

Hope these chalkboard paint ideas enlightened you on the many ideas available.  Try it, have fun with it and let me know how it goes!

Happy Decorating!

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    Love all of these ideas. Both of my kids have a portion of their wall in Chalkboard Paint. My boy’s is in red and my daughter’s is in hot pink. I think one of my favorite things about it is that when guests stay in my home they love to leave a small touching message on their boards, thanking my kids for letting them stay in their rooms. Touching. I guess I love chalkboard things because I love, love words.

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      Thank you for commenting Corine, I ALWAYS love to read your blog and look forward to your posts (hint, hint, other readers you should check it out…) I know, I love the little notes and messages that get left at the most random times, I almost hate to see them erased!!!

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    i lopve chalk board paint///it comes in spray paint which is nice too! :)

    i found you via ava graces closet/// I totally agree with you about full day kindergarten!! :(

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