Before and Afters: Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® Furniture Ideas: Graphite, Emperors Silk and Olive


Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Furniture Projects – Graphite, Emperors Silk and Olive.

So you know how I mentioned a while ago that I was madly in love with Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan?  Well, I still am.  In fact, I’ve gone a touch overboard (odd for me to do that, I know) and have been drinking painting up a storm!

Why do I love it so much?  No sanding, no priming, just painting.  That’s the wonderful thing about Chalk Paint  – it makes everything so easy!

Here’s what I did for the piece #1 below using Emperors Silk as the bottom colour and Graphite as the top colour..

1.  Wiped down with a cloth to make sure they were clean

2.  Applied 1 coat of Emperor’s Silk (dried in 1 hr)

3.  Applied 2 coats of Graphite (1 hr between coats)

4.  Applied 1 coat of dark wax (after previous paint coat dried)

5.  Distressed the edges using a wet green scrubby pad.



And rather than bore you with post after post of random pieces that I’ve done, I thought I’d throw them onto one post for you to check out.  Now I am BY FAR not even close to being an expert on Chalk Paint as there is so much to learn with regards to waxes/finishes/speciality glazes/etc… However, I am a pretty deadly furniture painter and these pieces turned out supa dupa!


Piece #1 – Demilune table.

Okay, I’m not that fancy shmancy – it’s a half moon table – whoopy ding!  My loverly client Clayton GAVE me this table – I bet he’ll want it back now!

Before and after of painted furniture, annie sloan, graphite, side table

This piece was done with Annie Sloan’s Graphite which is supposed to be a soft-black, but really settles more like a dark muted slate colour.  And yes, there are different accessories in the photos, I just love playing around!


Piece #2 – Revamped Farmhouse Style Buffet and Hutch

I was not a huge fan of this piece in it’s previous state.  However, by removing the doors on the hutch (and supporting frame) it really opened things up and created a more modern Farmhouse style piece of furniture!

For this unit, I followed all of the steps that I did for Piece #1 – except with no red undercoat – just 2 coats of Graphite and some dark wax!

buffet and hutch painted graphite by annie sloan, charcoal


Piece #3 – Pardon my French, but that’s a big forkin’ spoon…literally

This is that fork and spoon that I made Tim drive 45 minutes for.  I paid $5 for the pair and I love the way they turned out – now I just need to make a big salad!

And yes, that vase IS a boobie vase, I’m so glad you noticed!  It was one of my first purchases when I moved out of home many many moons ago.  It was love at first site and the breast, I mean the rest, is history.

Giant wooden fork and spoon painted with annie sloan chalk paint in graphite


Lovely lil Side Table

I just loved this little vintage maple side table.  Solid as a rock and in perfect condition so OF COURSE I had to paint the heckadoody out of it!  I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Olive this time with a coat of dark wax and looove how she turned out.  I had trouble working that dark wax though, so I think I should have clear waxed first….

painted and distressed olive green chalk paint side table before and after


Now that I have exhausted myself and all of Tim’s patience I’m going to take a break from painting – atleast until tomorrow…

Happy Decorating!



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painted electric fireplace using van gogh yellow chalk paint and distressing with dark wax

Sunflower Yellow Fireplace


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  1. Shanna says

    Love how all these projects turned out! I wish I had your eye for giving tired old pieces such a great new look. I recently purchased a white french provincial dresser for my daughters room and I planned on painting it a brighter white. The original finish is in really good shape and I think it’s kind of a baked on enamel?? Just wondering if you have any suggestions on the best paint to use. One person suggested spray painting with Krylon but I am a little nervous about doing that. I think I do want the furniture to have a smooth appearance when its completed so I’m not sure about trying chalk paint. Any tips would be appreciated :)

    • says

      Hi Shanna! Well here’s what I know about Chalk Paint. It can be painted over anything…literally…anything (except Lemon Pledge apparently). So, you could do the Chalk Paint however I think it’s meant to be ‘kind of’ a hand painted look (Which is why a lot of painters brush it on) It does level nicely so it’s not super strokey, but you have to apply multiple coats of wax and buff it to get a sheen and personally I think it seems like too much work for a dresser that needs to be really really durable. If it were ‘my’ dresser, I would probably spray it. However, this is something you can’t do until Spring (unless you live down south!) You just have to be SOOO careful with spray paint as it’s tempting to lay it on ‘just a little thick’ and in the blink of any eye you’ll have unsightly drips. So, it’s better to have to do 3 or 4 very thin coats to achieve that smooth drip free finish. Make sure you start and stop spraying off the piece, does that make sense? So, don’t start spraying right at the edge – spray like a few inches before the edge so that when the spray hits the dresser you aren’t getting a big ‘sploodge’ (technical term;) of spray paint. Finish the same way – like a few inches off the piece. Be prepared to go through 2-3 cans for sure. Also, you’ll want to sand it. I’ve found (and I’m sure there would be many that would spank my hand for it) that a green dish scrubby works WONDERS!!! It etches the surface without creating tons of sanding dust. Just give it a really good exfoliation and keep the scrubbies fresh. The wipe it off, Spray 2 coats of high adhesion primer and you’ll be good to go! So in the end you’ll probably spend as much on spray paint as you would have on a gallon of paint, but you are way more likely to get a lovely smooth finish.
      Sorry that is SOOOOOO long. Please ask if you want me to clarify anything for you, please!!!


      • Shanna says

        Thanks Kylie! I really appreciate your advice…I think I will definitely try spraying it then. It totally makes sense about starting/finishing off of the piece. I live in Nanaimo too so I guess I won’t be painting it right away! Is it still too cold to do in my garage?

        • says

          Hey, I went to do a bit of research on temperature for you and found this GREAT article to check out – I learned a ton, so you probably will too! As for finish, I always like the satin finish, although semi-gloss would work too. And, I just remembered that a few years ago I spray painted my daughters bedroom set which was a similar kind of lacquered cream thing. It worked great and to this day it’s still standing up VERY well (in fact seemed to scratch a lot less than normal paint….) Let me know what you think!!!

          • Shanna says

            Awesome, thank you! Just read the article and there are lots of great tips! Your post about kids rooms colors came just at the right time too…I have been struggling with picking the “perfect” color as my daughter wants pink walls. LOVE your site!!

  2. says

    My goodness, you have been a busy girl!! All the stuff looks amazing. You definitely have talent my friend. Great explanation of the chalk paint, by the way 😉

    • says

      Thank you!! Would I do it on a kitchen table? Well, no. However, that being said it has been done and it looks great. Those who have done it seem to use multiple coats of wax to protect it and there is also a polyurethane you can buy in the Annie Sloan brand. I did the chalk paint on a desk and it turned out BEAUTIFULLY, however, I did 2 coats of wax (1 clear then 1 dark) and then my kids used crayons on the desk and well, wax and wax mix a little too well and the only way to get it off was to use the odourless paint thinner. I’m also told i could have used clear wax to remove the crayon.
      Having kids, i’m really into ease and durability and I think for a larger surface I would be worried about it – just from my experience with my desk. However, I supposed if I applied a few more coats of wax and/or the poly it might be better…..I hope that helps!!!

      • Tamara Heise says

        Thanks so much! Where do I buy the Annie Sloan brand? I will start with a side table and then perhaps tackle to kitchen table:)

        • says

          Hey Tamara! If you’re in Nanaimo you can get it downtown at Patina Home which is on Commercial Street across from the library – what colour are you going to do?

          It is expensive unfortunately, but they taught me a neat trick re: the waxes. Once it’s painted, if you just apply the wax right out of the tin it doesn’t go very far and it’s difficult. However, if you take a dob out and mix it in like a yogurt container with about 2 tspn of the odourless paint thinner (you can buy it for cheap there as they don’t carry it at Home Depot) then it goes SOOOOOOOOO much farther and is WAY easier to apply!

          Also, the brushes are pricey. I just used normal (but quality) paint brushes and they worked great. To remove the wax once you’ve applied it just buy some lint free cloth or some of that blue shop cloth you can find at Home Depot….

          Let me know how it goes and if you have ANY ANY ANY questions as you go along and i”ll help however I can!!!

  3. says

    SO. MUCH. PRETTY! Also, thanks for clarifying “half moon table”. I was like ‘Demi-whaaat?”. We have a corner in our garage full of odds and ends I’ve been about to paint for, um, a year. The idea of all the sanding and priming scared me. I might just have to check out this Chalk paint!

    • says

      Thank you for visiting! I just painted my bathroom in Revere Pewter and people have asked me ‘what colour exactly is that?’ It’s such a chameleon. Come back and visit anytime you’re looking for any ideas or advice!!!

    • says

      Wow, thank you! i was my own personal hero but I’d rather be someone else’s :) just joking. I’m so glad you like what I did! I love all the pieces I do and now that I’m selling pieces it’s harder because a little bit of me falls in love with every pieces :(. Oh well, hubby is happy when I bring home some bacon!

  4. says

    These all look so amazing! But I gotta say, the hutch is my favorite by far. Wow! It looks so much more modern and beautiful, not like something your parents handed down. Nicely done.

  5. says

    So…does it feel all chalkboardy? I don’t like the feel of chalkboard–but I like the look. These look really smooth and soft to the touch!

    • says

      I sooo don’t like the chalk look/feel either (though some people do I guess). it’s a totally dry look/feel until…it’s waxed. The wax is like pure magic and it makes the colour more rich and smooth to the touch (and more durable after it cures). I looooove this stuff!!!

    • says

      I’m assuming you don’t live locally – booo….However, I’m pretty darn passionate so if you want to send me a few pics of a few problem spots (or spots waiting for inspiration) I’d be happy to shoot you some ideas (don’t tell anyone else though 😉 Thanks for visiting my site, I’m going to hop on over and check yours out!!

    • says

      OH, good luck with that – men usually FIGHT the idea painting anything wood! It’s so funny sometimes! My fave saying is “just because it’s wood, doesn’t mean it’s good!” and it’s so true!

  6. says

    My mom has a dining hutch that she rescued from a fire. My dad thought she was crazy, but she refinished it and it looks amazing!! She just sanded off the old, melted finish and added a few coats of a gorgeous green to it!

  7. says

    Love your blog! I assumed you were talking about chalkboard paint at first (also awesome). Never heard of chalk paint but seriously need to incorporate it into my decorating!

    • says

      Seriously, chalk paint is beyond fabulous. I’m working on 3 pieces right now and I’m still gob-smacked at how cool they are turning out with NO PREP!!!!!! It’s expensive, but it goes along way and the finish is just amazing!

    • says

      Hi Melissa, the PRICE of chalk paint is intimidating but I have to tell you that it’s actually super easy to use if you know the basic of painting (ie: don’t put it on too thick, let it dry between coats, etc…). I am beyond in love with chalk paint!!! As long as you wax the surface it’s super!

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